Hey Hammerheads!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's your lucky day - ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN! The link to the website can be found in the March Newsletter attached below. You can also access the newsletter online at HERE!

    Quick Updates:

    1. Swim Team Fees: Swim Team Fees may only be paid by check OR venmo this year! Directions for this process can be found at the end of registration. Checks should be made payable to Hammond Hills Swim and Tennis Club. Venmo users should send the full amount to @MaryDoddWalker.

    2. Online Registration: When registering you must pick ONE of two forms before beginning the process. Families who intend on joining the pool this summer should fill out the "Pool Members Form." Families who do not intend on joining the pool this summer should fill out the "Non-Pool Members Form." Be sure to select the correct form as all non-swim team families are charged an additional $100 flat fee and swimmer fees are higher per swimmer.

    PLEASE register as soon as possible!!!! April 2nd at 10AM is the t-shirt deadline for swimmers and parents. We strongly encourage parents to order additional team tank tops and t-shirts! It's a great way to show your Hammerhead spirit during the season and all year long.

    (Coaches Tip: If parents ask us what size tee they should order for their kids, we always say you can order the size they can wear this year, but we recommend ordering them an adult sized t-shirt. These t-shirts become precious keepsakes. If Coach Laney could still wear her swim team tee from 1999 - believe us, she would! Ordering the shirt(s) large allows for plenty of years of shrinkage, use, and memories.)

    3. Junior Sharks: If Junior Sharks practice is cancelled due to inclement weather, a make-up practice will be held on the following Friday from 8:30-9AM. However, Junior Sharks normal schedule will continue to be on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 4:30-5PM. There is one exception to this schedule that will be noted at a later date. Junior Sharks will only be offered to pool members this season. Junior Sharks is the Hammond Hills Feeder Swim Team and is for swimmers who are unable to swim in the deep end of the pool.

    4. Volunteer Coaches: Thank you to all our 2018 Volunteer Coach Applicants! We will get back to you all next week. Expect a mandatory meeting with all applicants before spring break! We are so proud of each of you!

    5. Bathing Suit Fitting/Flippers Fitting/In-Person Registration:

    1. Saturday, March 24th (12:30-2PM) @ Hammond Hills

    2. Sunday, April 15th (1-3PM) @ Hammond Hills

    You only need to come to one of these sessions! Coming to one registration is mandatory - all swimmers should be fitted for flippers for this summer. Team bathing suit fittings will also be happening at both registrations. It is also a great time for us to hug your kids and answer any questions you may have about registration or our program!

    6. Pool Membership:

    We are now accepting pool members for the 2018 Season!!!! Forms can be found out this LINK! Joining the pool is the most incredible way for you and your family to enjoy our community on an even larger scale. Friends and memories for life is our motto! Just ask any one of the coaches and they will tell you it is 100% true. Not to mention, joining the pool saves you money on swim team fees (Lower prices for swimmer fees and no additional $100 flat fee). If you have any questions about pool membership, please do not hesitate to reach out!

    7. Sponsorships 2018:

    We are looking to have at least 10 sponsors this year! If you or someone you know might be interested in sponsoring our team, please email us as soon as possible. We are all ears for ideas and appreciate any help you can give us!

    As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. It is our goal to be as clear and effective as possible with all communications. We cannot wait to be back with you all again between the fences!!!! We truly consider each of you family and look forward to making more memories with your kiddos soon.


    Your 2018 Hammond Hills Swim Coaching Staff

    (Laney, Gabby, Sydney, Ian, James, and Kate)

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