Swim Lessons & Swim Clinics

    Dear Hammerhead Family,

    I must begin by offering my deepest sympathies to anyone in our community who is struggling during this time in our country's history. We are all navigating these waters to the best of our abilities and hope you know that our coaching staff has every single one of you in our thoughts. We miss you dearly and look forward to being back with you all in the future. This being said, we want you to know our distance serves as no obstacle to us to comfort your children or your family during these times. We are only phone call away all summer long if you need any support.

    I've included some updates below about our team's summer plans. There's some good news and hard news mixed in but we are encouraged by the idea that there is space for our coaches to engage in some swimming related activities.

    1. Private Swim Lessons for Pool Members Only: Private swim lessons will be offered by coaches from our staff this summer. Their names and contact information are listed at the bottom of this email. Feel free to reach out to them directly for available times and pricing.

    All swim lessons taking place at Hammond Hills Pool will only be offered to those who currently hold a valid 2020 Pool Membership. This decision was reached in accordance with pool's policy of no guests (excluding caregivers and grandparents) during the 2020 pool season.

    In addition, for the safety of your children and the coaches, coaches will not be allowed in the water with your children or engage in physical touch throughout their instruction. Therefore, new swimmer lessons will not be available this summer. Instead, coaches will be offering lessons to those children they feel are prepared to engage in verbal only instruction. The recommendation is that swimmers are 9 years or older. However, there are always exceptions to this rule and it is up the discretion of both the coach and parent to determine if the child will benefit from this type of one on one instruction.

    2. Private Lessons for Non-Pool Members: If you are non-pool member & chose to hire a coach for private lessons, please know all lessons must take place off the Hammond Hills property. Whether it is at your own pool or somewhere else, please communicate these circumstances to the coach when you initially reach out. Some coaches may feel comfortable traveling while others may not. If a coach kindly declines the opportunity, please know it is nothing personal and we encourage you to reach out to another coach on our list.

    3. Semi-Private Lessons: Though this is something we have not tried much of in the past, semi-private lessons are great option for families who wish to get a small group of swimmers (3-5 people) to socially distance swim laps & receive small group instruction. Please reach out to your specific coach for more details.

    4. Swim Clinics: We are still planning to offer swim clinics in July but will continue to wait until the last week of June before setting up a registration. In addition, these clinics will only be offered to pool members (abiding by the no guest policy). Details about these clinics are still to be determined. Age frame will most likely be 9 & Ups with each day focused on a different skill. There will be no more than 2 people per lane (10 swimmers in the pool at one time). Be on the lookout for an informational email near the end of June.

    5. Swim Activities unrelated to Swim Team: Throughout the summer, there may be pop-up opportunities at Hammond Hills Pool for pool members' children to engage in day camps, clubs and/or additional swim sessions at the pool. As these opportunities do arise, they are not associated with or in conjunction with our swim team program. Instead, these activities will be set up by individuals who will work outside of our swim league's framework. If you do receive an informational email about something that falls into this category, I ask that you direct all questions to the leader(s) of these programs.

    6. Coach Laney Swim Lessons: In an effort to minimize risk and exposure, I have made the personal decision to not take on any additional swim lessons during June at this time. I have some close family members and friends who fall into the high-risk category so it has become very important to me to stay careful. If anything changes, I will be sure to let you all know. I look forward to hopefully being back for swim clinics with more of you in July.

    7. Coaches Names and Phone Numbers who are offering swim lessons:

    Laney Chambless: 404-402-6566 (She is offering no new swim lessons at this time; check back in July)

    Ian Cannell: 404-623-0841

    Kateleigh Ponds: 678-438-1986

    Kate Rank: 404-655-5124

    Olivia Novotny: 404-824-1573

    Nina Ouellette: 404-983-6195

    Griffin Cannell: 770-855-5228

    Thank you for everything - your support, kindness and wisdom during these tough times has been a gift. Your words of encouragement mean the world to us and we are so grateful to be your coaches. Wishing you all safety in the coming weeks. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything.


    Coach Laney

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