A Big-Thank You, Late Order Tees, and Towels

    HAMMERHEADS, I miss you!!!!!

    As the weeks have passed since the end of our season, I have spent a lot time processing what an incredible gift it has been to be on our team for last 20 years. There is no community more kind, more supportive, or more loving. Any success I have had as a coach, I owe to you, our kids, and the families that make our space a home. When people ask me to describe the impact this team has had on my life, I'll forever be short of words. So much of what I value I learned through our village - blessed with the best role models and oppurtunties for growth. So thank you - thank you so much for this oppurtunity and for raising the BEST kids. You make my job a dream job.

    Now that I've gotten all the grateful tears out, moving on to the bulk of the email haha!

    1. Late Order Tees

    If you ordered a t-shirt late, they will be available for pick up in the clubhouse starting Monday at 5PM. There are also a handful of people who never picked up their t-shirts! Feel free to grab them from the clubhouse as well starting Monday. All shirts will be in the same box on the desk - labeled with the last name of the family.

    2. Towels

    Not going to lie friends - the towels are AMAZING! To those of you who ordered towels, Beth Harber or I have them ready for you! Just shoot me a text at 404-402-6566 and we will work out payment/getting them to you asap. 

    3. One last big thank you!

    We want to extend one last big thank you to all of sponsors from our 2017 Season! Investing in the future of our program means more to us than you'll ever know! We encourage you to support our sponsors throughout the summer and the rest of the year. You can find their information on our website!

    Lastly, cheers to our little piece of Neverland - where childhood is sacred and our kids learn to (do) fly! Already counting down the days to next season - love you all!

    Biggest hugs,

    Coach Laney

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