ASA Championship Finals Qualifiers

    Hello everyone!

    Please know that we are proud of each and every one of your kids, qualifying or not. If you have any questions, you are welcome to text me or e-mail me. I have the unofficial rank sheets if you are interested in looking at them.

    Here is who qualified and in what: 

    James Jackson - #32 100 FR and #44 50 BK

    Hannah McConnell - #19 50 FR and #71 50 FLY

    Carlson Neece - #13 25 FR and #35 25 BK

    Rowan  Neece - #5 Medley Relay (3)

    Nina Ouelette - #61 50 BR

    Lucy Rank - #3 Medley Relay (1), #37 25 BK, and #77 Free Relay (2)

    Madeline Rank - #5 Medley Relay (1), #17 25 FR, and #69 25 FLY

    Lucy Smith - #3 Medley Relay (3), #15 25 FR, #67 25 FLY, and #77 Medley Relay (4)

    Mary Morgan Walker - #5 Medley Relay (2), #17 25 FR, and #59 25 BR

    Leah Weis - #15 Medley Relay (2), and #77 Free Relay (3)

    May Weis - #3 Medley Relay (4), #15 25 FR, #25 50 FR, and #77 Free Relay (1)

    Alex Wyatt - #5 Medley Relay (4)

    Congratulations to everyone who qualified! We are all so proud of you. Now here are logistics for tomorrow:

    10 & UNDERS

    • Meet in the lobby at 8:25 AM so we can walk down to the deck as a team. 
    • Coach Sydney, Ian, James and Kateleigh will help get the swimmers in the water for warm-ups at 8:55 while I get the heat sheets.
    • Warm-ups will be in what was the "boys' pool" on Thursday.
    • Meet starts at 10:30 AM! Ends at around 2PM.

    11 & UPS

    • We will meet in the lobby at 2:00PM - in the event that the 10&under meet runs long, there will be at least one coach to meet you all and take everyone down to the deck.
    • You are welcome to come early and watch the first meet!
    • Warm ups start at 2:20 to 2:50PM.
    • Meet starts at 4PM and goes to 7:45PM.

    *Parents, a disclaimer*

    My #1 priority is making sure your kids have a happy and safe experience tomorrow. That means every child needs to have warmed up, dried off, had their events written on them, and been hugged before I send you their heat and lane information. I know this is an exciting time! But from a very kind place, I will ignore text inquiries into their events until every child is ready to go. But I do promise I will get you their information before the meets starts! If it is 10:15 and you have not been texted their info, you are welcome to text me until my phone explodes.

    Again, we are proud of each and every one of our swimmers for being brave enough to swim in such competitive waters! Sleep well tonight!




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