ASA Championship Updates

    Hello parents and eagerly awaiting kiddos,

    I'm sorry to inform you that I truly don't have information yet when it comes to who is swimming in Finals tomorrow. 

    That being said, you can check the leader board on the ASA website. As of right now, all but one of the sessions are accounted for. Once the sixth session is done and all races put in to the system, ASA will email us and we will have a definitive list of relays and individual events. There are still some amazing teams swimming in this last session, so nothing is set in stone.

    TOP 20 RELAYS in all age groups qualify for Saturday's Finals. TOP 50 qualify in individual events for 10 & unders, and TOP 40 for 11 & ups.

    Here is the plan for tomorrow based off the information we have now, if your kid qualifies for a relay or an individual event:

    10 & UNDER meet starts at 10:30AM. 11 & UPS starts at 4PM. We will meet in the lobby, just like before. Once we get a warm up time, I will let you know when you need to be there. We will all go down to the pool deck together as a group and will grab a spot on the bleachers. Coach Sydney and Coach Ian will help the kids with warm-ups while I obtain the heat sheet from the ASA officials. 

    In the event that your child does not qualify for an event, please let them know that we love them and are proud of the work they have done this season. Atlanta is one of the most competitive swimming regions in the nation and that should always be remembered. If you need a coach to talk to them about it, I will be available at 770-378-3237. 

    We are looking forward to the ASA email and tomorrow's finals. I will keep you posted as quickly as I can with updates from ASA.


    Coach Stephi





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